Cooking with Iron

Cooking with Iron

What a busy year beneath the surface! I write with a newly unlocked appreciation for time.

Between servitude and studies, I have somehow unearthed occasion to splice new music in collaboration with, and entirely produced by the homie Albert Iron, also known as Blue Buttonz.

My creative process religiously vaunted debauchery as inevitably resonant in some of the subsequent content. So seven months into sobriety, the inception of such ambitions dawned a tall mountain.

I defiantly subscribed to the old school pen and paper method, so my trash can had never known such fill. A backwash as my penmanship took appropriate adjustment to the unseasoned clarity. However, resistance soon submitted to digital wordsmithing and trenchant artistry.

I make no secret that Iron is one of my favourite producers, and I feel this album is long overdue. I’m amped and can’t wait to share the exploits.